Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paying the Extra Cost....

So our local Wal-Mart is undergoing major renovations. Not sure whether they're turning it into a Super Wal-Mart or what. But.... the last few times I've been there I have left completely frustrated. The store is in complete disarray! It literally takes so much extra time because you can't find what you're looking for because they have everything scattered all over the store. They are moving around every department. Where you once found dish soap near the front, now it's in the complete back corner of the store. Get my point?

I was even more heated when I left there last weekend only to find out after I had loaded everything up on the checkout counter that they were not currently accepting debit/credit because all their machines were down. They had NO signs anywhere and weren't telling anyone this until people were ready to checkout! I couldn't believe it! They were only taking check or cash, of which I did not have. Needless to say, the cashier pointed me to an ATM machine at the front of the store where I had to go and withdrawal money in order to pay for my stuff. Argggggggh!

With all that being said, I have been so frustrated with this particular store that I've just decided to spend the little extra money that it costs to shop at Target. Usually Target isn't that much more expensive then Wal-Mart. But right now... I'm boycotting Wal-Mart.

Lastly, speaking of spending a little extra... I recently decided to spend a couple extra dollars on toothpaste. I wanted to try this 3D whitening toothpaste that I've seen advertised on tv. Guess what? It really works. I have seen a noticeable difference in the brightness of my teeth!

What items would you spend a little extra for in order to try something new and/or 'get the good stuff"?

Until next time folks! :)

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  1. ice cream! I only buy haagen daaz or ben and jerry's. Cheap ice cream tastes foamy to me.